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The use of electron microscopy in understanding protein structure and informing therapeutic design

Dr Stephen Muench

BHF 4 year PhD Seminar series

Hosted by Ric Cubbon
Thursday 8th February, 2018
12:00: Worsley 8.34a

How do tissue rearrangements in the heart during embryogenesis drive normal cardiac development?

Dr Emily Noel, University of Sheffield

Thursday 15th February, 2018
12:00: Worsley 9.57

Cardiovascular Epidemiology

Dr Marlous Hall, University of Leeds

Hosted by Chris Gale
Wednesday 21st February, 2018
13:00: Worsley 9.87

How best to discover bioactive small molecules?

Professor Adam Nelson

BHF 4 year PhD Seminar series

Thursday 22nd February, 2018
12:00: Worsley 9.59

MCRC Research Retreat 2018

Cardiovascular disease and diabetes. 70 attendees from across the University and hospitals.

Thursday 15th March, 2018
08:00: Inn on the Lake, Ullswater

FBS/FMH Inaugural Research Symposium

We are delighted to invite you to the joint inaugural FBS/FMH research symposium, which will take place on Monday 26th March 2018. The purposes of the symposium are to showcase the many successful collaborative links that already exist between the two Faculties, but to also foster new collaborative ventures between researchers at all levels, from PhD students to senior academics. In this first symposium, we have chosen speakers that will focus on topical methodologies and technologies that are broadly applicable to colleagues throughout the Faculties, and that will stimulate both debate and collaboration. Ellen Hewitt (Research and Innovation Development Manager- Faculty of Biological Sciences) and Dani Battle (Research and Innovation Development Officer (Health)) will be present at the event with information and advice about new grant calls and potential collaborative opportunities. We have chosen three themes to explore: atomic, molecular and cellular biology; uses of ‘omics technology and Big Data; and translational aspects in model and system approaches. Further details are in the attached outline of the day. The venue for talks will be the Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre, which is in the Michael Sadler Building on the main campus of the University of Leeds. Poster sessions and lunch will be in the Parkinson Court, opposite the Michael Sadler. A map of these venues is available here: and Please register to attend the symposium at this Eventbrite link: because the numbers are limited at the venue and we anticipate the symposium to be popular. We hope that you will be able to join us at this exciting new venture between the Faculties, and look forward to a stimulating and enjoyable symposium.

Monday 26th March, 2018
08:30: Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre & Parkinson Court

Early Programming of Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and Ageing

Professor Susan Ozanne, University of Cambridge

Hosted by Karen Forbes
Thursday 12th April, 2018
12:00: Worsley 9.87

Professor Khalid Naseem

BHF 4 year PhD Seminar series

Thursday 19th April, 2018
12:00: Worsley 8.49

Cardiorespiratory responses, interactions and limitations to exercise in health, disease and disability

Dr Lee Romer, Brunel University

Hosted by Bryan Taylor
Thursday 26th April, 2018

IL-7 in naive T cell homeostasis: modelling at the molecular, cellular and population scales

Professor Carmen Molina-Paris

BHF 4 year PhD Seminar Series

Thursday 10th May, 2018
12:00: Worsley 8.34a

Vascular mechanotransduction: from the protein to the vessel

Professor Ellie Tzima, University of Oxford

Hosted by David Beech
Thursday 17th May, 2018
12:00: Worsley 9.60

Computer aided medicinal chemistry - designing better medicines for the future

Professor Colin Fishwick

BHF 4 year Phd Studentship seminar series

Thursday 24th May, 2018
12:00: Worlsey 9.59

Professor Alex Breeze

Thursday 7th June, 2018
12:00: Worsley 9.59

Nox4 and the Integrated Stress Response (ISR) in the heart

Dr Celio XC Santos, King's College London

Hosted by Piruthivi Sukumar
Thursday 21st June, 2018
12:00: Worsley 9.60

Professor Gary Williamson

BHF 4 year PhD Studentship seminar series

Thursday 28th June, 2018
12:00: Worsley 9.59

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08 February 2018: The use of electron microscopy in understanding protein structure and informing therapeutic design ... more

15 February 2018: How do tissue rearrangements in the heart during embryogenesis drive normal cardiac development? ... more

21 February 2018: Cardiovascular Epidemiology ... more

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