Cardio Metabolic Research at Leeds



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Our Centre is led by outstanding investigators who span the clinical and basic science disciplines and include BHF Professors, BHF Fellows and BHF Programme Grant Holders, Wellcome Trust Investigators and a Henry Wellcome Fellow, a Diabetes UK RD Lawrence Fellow, MRC New Investigators, a NIHR Lecturer and NIHR Fellows, an EPSRC Established Career Fellow, Fellows of the Royal Society and Academy of Medical Sciences, President of the Royal Microscopical Society, and the Deans of Medicine, Biological Sciences, and Engineering. Through over 80 principal investigators we span most major areas of the subject. A particular strategic interest is the use of advances in imaging technology and associated techniques to ultimately digitize everything important about the disease problem from the molecule to the population – and, critically, to use this information for timely patient benefit.



What's Happening

13 February 2020: SBMS Seminar: 'Blood flow restricted exercise: augmenting the mechanisms of adaption to improve training efficiency and performance?' ... more

20 February 2020: Cardio Metabolic Seminar ... more

26 March 2020: SBMS Seminar: 'New targets for the treatment of heart failure: understanding the role of the calcium extrusion pump PMCA’ ... more

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