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In 2008 we founded a pioneering cross-faculty and hospital multidisciplinary cardiovascular research centre (MCRC) which is already reaping major benefits and providing the framework for our vibrant BHF 4-year PhD Programme in Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes (see PhD Studentships). At the heart of this activity is the Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine (LICAMM), a 200-strong multidisciplinary institute in a state of the art building (the LIGHT Building) comprising integrated departments for clinical and population science, discovery and translational science, biomedical imaging science and specialist science education. In the past 2 years and in partnership with BHF and other funding agencies we recruited 13 new investigator-level scientists to this institute alone, spanning new tenure-track research-led academics to professors and including a chemist, physicists, a mathematician, imaging scientists, biomedical scientists and clinical scientists. In the ground floor is our new BHF-funded Experimental Preclinical Imaging Facility and adjacent our MRC-funded Advanced Imaging and Data Analytics Centres. Based on this framework we plan to continue our expansion, continuing to develop the careers of outstanding individuals who want to dedicate their lives to solving this disease problem.

What's Happening

16 October 2019: DTSD Seminar: 'Role of Tenascin C in Cardiovascular Disease' and Understanding small molecule activation and inhibition of TRPC1/4/5 channels. ... more

23 October 2019: DTSD Seminar ... more

25 October 2019: SBMS Seminar: Co-regulation of TRPC4 by phospholipase C and Gi/o proteins and its physiological implication ... more

Athena Swan