Cardio Metabolic Research at Leeds

Our Progress So Far


If the cardiovascular complications of diabetes are to be solved, short- and long-term scientific progress is required alongside educational, health service and public health efforts. Our cardio metabolic centre is already contributing strongly with the support of the British Heart Foundation and many other important funding agencies (see Sponsors). Teamwork is central to how we operate. Through this approach we are solving puzzles at the crux of the disease problem and seeing the ways in which these newly-discovered mechanisms are modulated in diabetes: how blood vessels control insulin sensitivity and respond when insulin sensitivity changes, how endothelium detects blood flow and achieves proportionate response, how blood clots are assembled and regulated and how beneficial responses to physical exercise arise. In patients we have shown the benefits of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, the benefits of invasive coronary strategy in non-ST-segment myocardial infarction, the benefits of vitamin D in improving left ventricular function and the increased benefits of beta-blockers in diabetes.

What's Happening

04 September 2019: DTSD Seminar: Heart failure and ejection fraction: what is it? ... more

11 September 2019: DTSD Seminar: Shedding light on the interactions between Fc gamma receptors and their ligands ... more

18 September 2019: DTSD Seminar: Piezo1 in Pancreas, Pericytes and Patients ... more

Athena Swan