Cardio Metabolic Research at Leeds

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Our university is a leader in the use and development of new technology, in societal impact from research, in the disassembly of traditional boundaries to bring all available expertise to bear on important questions, and in the development of people - students and staff. Our size, as one of the UK’s largest, confers advantage in ambitious projects and, in the medical arena, our close partnership with the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust gives even greater opportunity. The Trust is also one of the UK’s largest, treating 2 million people annually and, as part of the Yorkshire and Humber regional network, the second highest recruiter to cardiovascular clinical trials nationally. In this context is our School of Medicine - a major international training centre for tomorrow’s doctors with the overall aim of transforming unhealthy responses to the stress of 21st century life. While it covers most areas of Medicine, only 3 fields are prioritized for research investment: importantly, one of them is cardiovascular research. Moreover, in this field there is specific focus on the cardiovascular complications of diabetes.


What's Happening

16 October 2019: DTSD Seminar: 'Role of Tenascin C in Cardiovascular Disease' and Understanding small molecule activation and inhibition of TRPC1/4/5 channels. ... more

23 October 2019: DTSD Seminar ... more

25 October 2019: SBMS Seminar: Co-regulation of TRPC4 by phospholipase C and Gi/o proteins and its physiological implication ... more

Athena Swan