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Women in Science

Women in Science

Female seminar speakers in MCRC


Speaker Institution Title Year
Kerrie Smith University of Leeds Structural determination of the elusive Fibrinogen alpha chains: resolving intrinsically disordered protein regions 2016
Mar Pujades University of Leeds Linked electronic health resources: opportunities for research 2016
Professor Anna Randi Imperial College London Transcriptional control of angiogenesis and vascular stability 2016
Dr Caroline Dart University of Liverpool EPAC-driven signalling networks: Novel relaxant pathways in the vasculature 2016
Assoc Prof Liz Jones KU Leuven Hemodynamics during vascular development and angiogenesis 2015
Dr Ines Pineda-Torra UCL Is there a future for Liver X receptor modulators in metabolic and cardiovascular disease? Lessons from a knock in mutant mouse model. 2015
Dr Rachel Clough KCL Personalised medicine for aortic disease 2015
Professor Costanza Emanueli University of Bristol MicroRNA targeting for vascular regeneration 2014
Dr Maria Gomez LU Diabetes Centre, Lund University, Sweden NFAT as a novel target for the treatment of diabetic vascular complications 2012
Dr Katharine Owen Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism CRP - Old dog, new tricks? 2012
Miss Janice Tsui UCL Tissue protection, repair & regeneration in critical limb ischaemia 2012
Dr Georgia Mavria University of Leeds Rho GTPases and Cancer Angiogenesis 2010


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